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They don't own a car and are struggling to pay the private school fees and keep the au pair. Then Harriet bumps into James, the boyfriend she dumped at 18, and he's now a recently divorced millionaire ready to help out her charity.

And he seems more than willing to rescue Harriet from her cash-strapped lifestyle. Meanwhile Guy is being seduced to host a TV documentary about safari hunters and is hardly bringing in any income. Yet another tale of a middle-aged mum tempted by infidelity.

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If you constantly compare yourself with other people, and come off worse in the comparisons, then you will find a soul-mate in Harriet. Her Pooterish self-pity is beautifully skewered; and because it is a self-pity felt by millions, it is easy to identify with the character, if not to like her. If Cristina Odone had stuck to what she does best - sharply observed social satire, backed up by crisp dialogue - the novel as a whole would have packed more of a punch.

Unfortunately, she gets side-tracked into one of those two-a-penny yarns about adultery.

Should Harriet remain faithful to her husband, Guy - decent but dull, inclined to ignore her - or have a fling with her ex-boyfriend James - sexy, successful, attentive to her every need? Personally, I wanted her to have the fling, if only to stop herself worrying about the school fees and how to pay the au pair. But Odone, as befits a former editor of The Catholic Herald, keeps her heroine on a tight sexual leash.

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