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Translated by Beatrice Zedler. Aquinas on Being and Essence. Translated by A. De principiis naturae ad fratrem Sylvestrum. Translated by R. Paul: North Central, Washington, D. On the Eternity of the World. Translated by Cyril Vollert. Joseph College, The Opusculum on Lots of St. Translated by Peter Bartholomew Carey, O. On Kingship. Translated by Gerald B. Phelan and revised by I. Compendium of Theology. Catechetical Instructions of St. New York: Wagner, Irish Ecclesiastical Record 31, , pp. Aristotle on Interpretation: Commentary by St.

Thomas and Cajetan. Aristotle's De Anima with the Commentary of St. Thomas Aquinas. Translated by K. Foster and S. New Haven: Yale University Press, Commentary on the Metaphysics of Aristotle. Commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics. Translated by C. Commentary on the Posterior Analytics of Aristotle. Albany, NY: Magi Books, De Caelo. By Aristotle. The Works of Aristotle. Edited by W. Oxford: Clarendon Press, De Generatione et Corruptione. Translated by Harold H. De Metereologicorum. Translated by E. Translated by Armand Maurer. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 4th ed.

Translated by Anthony Damico. Atlanta: Scholars Press, On Generation and Corruption. Translated by Pierre Conway and F. Puthiadam, Ignatius.

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God in the thought of St. Madurai: Dialogue Series, Quinn, Patrick. Aquinas, Platonism, and the Knowledge of God. Ragusa, Thomas Joseph. Theory of mind in the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas in its relation to the theories of mind in Aristotle and in the functionalism of John Dewey. Doctoral thesis, Catholic University of America, Rahner, Karl. Spirit in the World Geist in Welt.

Translated by William Dych. NY: Continuum, Rand, Edward Kennard Cicero in the Courtroom of St. Reardon, John Joseph. Redpath, Peter A. A Simplified Intro. Renick, Timothy Mark. Aquinas for Armchair Theologians. Reutemann, Charles. Rice, Charles E. Richardson, John T. Pars dissertationis ad lauream in Facultate S. Richey, Francis Augustine.

Whasington, D. Robb, James Harry. Man as Infinite Spirit. Milwaukee: Marquette University Publications, Rogers, Eugene F. Rousselot, Pierre The Intellectualism of Saint Thomas. Translated with a foreword by Father James E. Original edition published in Rowland, Tracey. Ryan, Edmund Joseph. Carthegena, Ohio, Messenger Press, Doctoral thesis, St. Louis University.

Saint Thomas Aquinas: On Spiritual Creatures (Medieval Philosophical Texts in Translat)

Ryan, Thomas. Thomas Aquinas as Reader of the Psalms. Sabra, George. Sattler, Henry V. Scharlemann, Robert P. Thomas Aquinas and John Gerhard. Schoot, Henk J. Tibi soli peccavi: Thomas Aquinas on guilt and forgiveness: a collection of studies presented at the first congress of the Thomas Instituut te Utrecht, December , Schumacher, Leo Sebastian. Selman, Francis John. Saint Thomas Aquinas: Teacher of Truth. Sertillanges, Antonin Gilbert Foundations of Thomistic Philosophy. Translated by Godfrey Anstruther. Louis, MO: B. Saint Thomas Aquinas and His Work. Shahan, Robert W. Kovach, eds.

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Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, Shanley, Brian J. The Thomist Tradition. Shepperson, Mary Fides. A Comparative Study of St. Thomas and Herbert Spencer. Pittsburgh, PA: [s. Sherman, James Edward. Paterson, NJ: St. Anthony guild press, Shin, Chang-Suk. Sikora, Joseph John. Slavin, Robert Joseph. Smith, Enid, sister. Smith, Michael A. Smith, Timothy Lee. Spangler, Mary Michael.

Speltz, George H. Thomas Aquinas: a Study in Economic Philosophy. Spiazzi, Raimondo. Bologna, Italia: Edizioni Studio domenicano, Thomas Aquinas, Commemorative Studies. Foreword by Etienne Gilson. Stark, Werner. Steenberghen, Fernand van. Aristotle in the West: the Origins of Latin Aristotelianism. Translated by Leonard Johnston. Louvain, Nauwelaerts, Thomas Aquinas and Radical Aristotelianism.

Revisions of three lectures given at Catholic University of America in March Steiner, Rudolf London: Percy Lund, Humphries, Stockhammer, Morris, ed. Thomas Aquinas Dictionary. Strathern, Paul. Thomas Aquinas in 90 Minutes. Chicago, IL: Ivan R. Dee, Sullivan, James Bacon. Sullivan, Robert P. Swiezawski, Stefan. Thomas Revisited. Translated by Theresa Sandok. Synan, Edward A. Thomas Aquinas: Propositions and Parables. Talbot, Edward Francis.

Thomas Aquinas, Saint ? Summa Theologiae. Blackfriars Edition. Literally tr. Summa Theologiae: a Concise Translation. Edited by Timothy McDermott. Editor Thomas Gilby. Venice, Bonetus Locatellus for Octavianus Scotus, Complete English ed. Westminster, Md. Originally published: NY: Benziger Bros. Ashley; selections translated by Matthew Rzeczkowski. Anthony Damico, translator; Martin D. Yaffe, interpretive essay and notes. Atlanta, GA: Scholars Press, Commentary on the Book of Causes.

Translated and annotated by Vincent A. Guagliardo; intro. Guagliardo from Super Librum de Causis Expositio. An Exposition of the On the Hebdomads of Boethius. Schultz and Edward A. Thomas Aquinas, ; Commemorative Studies. Toronto, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, War and Peace.

Compiled and edited by the faculty members of Lynchburg College. New Haven, Yale University Press, The commentary on the De Anima of Aristotle. XV Kal. Summa Theoloqica Selections London: Burns and Oates, The Commandments of God. The Divine Ways. Windsor, Ont. God and His works. Jesus Christ, the World Incarnate.

On the Truth of the Catholic Faith. Summa Contra Gentiles. Thoughts from the Writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Des Plaines, IL: St. Treatise on the Virtues. Philosophical Texts. Selected and translated by Thomas Gilby. Edited by Christopher Martin. The Pocket Aquinas. Selections from the writings of St. Edited, with some passages newly translated, and a general intro. NY: Washington Square Press, The Political Ideas of St. Thomas Aquinas; Representative Selections. Edited with an intro. NY: Hafner, Political Writings. Edited and translated by R. Selected Political Writings. The Soul.

A History of Philosophy - 24 Thomas Aquinas' Christian Aristotelianism

Translation of St. Edited by James H. Questions on the Soul Quaestiones de Anima. Readings in the Summa Theologiae. Translated by Mark D. A translation of the minor work of the Saint, On the perfection of the spiritual life. Edited with prefatory notice by Father Proctor. Saint Thomas Aquinas. Selections from his works made by George N. Wood engravings by Reynolds Stone.

NY: Heritage Press, Selected Philosophical Writings. Selected and translated by Timothy McDermott. The Sermon-Conferences of St. Translated from the Leonine Edition and edited and introduced by Nicholas Ayo. Latin with facing English translation. The Latin text is a secretarial record by Reginald of Piperno of a series of sermons preached by Thomas in Naples in in the Neapolitan dialect.

Sermon Matter from St. Edited by C. Edited by Peter Kreeft. Translated by Pierre Conway. Providence: Providence College Press, A translation of the Latin text of Aristotle which St. Thomas employed precedes each chapter. Thomas Aquinas on Politics and Ethics. New translation, backgrounds, interpretations by Paul E. NY: Norton, Thomas Aquinas, Theological Texts.

Selected and translated with notes and an intro. Durham, NC: Labyrinth Press, Reprint: London: Oxford University Press, Lliterally translated by the English Dominican fathers from the latest Leonine edition. Taurini: Marietti, Passages from the Summa Theologica are taken from the translation done in by the fathers of the English Dominican Province. A Summary of Philosophy. Translated and edited, with intro. The Teacher Truth, Question Eleven. The West Baden translation, with an intro.

Chicago, H. Regenery, Theological Texts. Introduced and edited by Benedict M. Revised-format edition has only been slightly edited to eliminate awkward or archaic language. Treatise on Happiness. Selections from the Summa Theologiae. Translated, with intro. Treatise on Law: Summa Theologica, Questions Treatise on Man.

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Treatise on Separate Substances. A Latin-English ed. With intro. The Trinity and The Unity of the Intellect. Louis, MO: London, B. Herder book co. Truth: Quaestiones Disputatae de Veritate. Indianapolis: Hackett, Originally published: H. London, J. Hayes, Virtue: Way to Happiness. Translated with an intro. The Ways of God. Originally published: The Divine Ways.

Edited by Eugene Freeman and Joseph Owens. Greenwich, CT: Fawcett Publications, Translated and edited by Paul E. Translated, with an intro. An Aquinas Reader. Edited, with an intro. Aristotle: On interpretation. Commentary by St. Thomas and Cajetan Peri hermenias Translated from the Latin with an intro. Basic Writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Edited and annotated, with an intro. Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Pub. NY: Random House, The Catechetical Instructions of St. Translated with a commentary by Rev. Joseph B. Collins, intro. Rudolph G. NY: J. Wagner, Translated by Robert Pasnau.

Translated by Richard J. Blackwell, Richard J. Spath, and W. Edmund Thirlkel. Guagliardo, Charles R. Hess, Richard C. Taylor; intro. Commentary on the Metaphysics of Aristotle. Translated by John P. Commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics. Translated by C. Chicago, Regnery, Commentary on the Posterior Analytics of Aristotle.

Translated by F.

Larcher, with a pref. Alba, NY: Magi Books, Edited by John Y. Westport, CT: Praeger, Translated with intro. God and Creation. Translated and with an intro. Baumgarth and Richard J. The Human Constitution. The Human Wisdom of St. Thomas; a Breviary of Philosophy from the Works of St. Light of Faith: the Compendium of Theology. Thomas; the Summa Simplified for Everyone. Walter Farrell and Martin J. Translated and edited by A. Philadelphia: Westminster Press, Of God and His Creatures. Aquinas, by Joseph Rickaby. Westminster, MD: Carroll Press, On Being and Essence. Toronto, Canada: St. On Charity De Caritate.

Translated from the Latin, with an intro. On Evil. Translated by Jean T. Translated by Richard Regan; edited with an intro. NY: Oxford University Press, On Faith and Reason. Edited, with intro. On Human Nature. Translated from the Latin by Gerald B. On Law, Morality, and Politics. Regan; edited, with intro. Kendzierski, Paul M. Literally translated by the English Dominican fathers.

The translation has been made by Father Lawrence Shapcote. On the Virtues, in General. Toal, M. The Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers. Tooke, Joan D. The Just War in Aquinas and Grotius. London: S. An earlier version of this book was presented as a doctoral thesis for the faculty of Divinity in Edinburgh University.

Torrell, Jean-Pierre. Trunk, Joseph V. Dayton, O. Tugwell, Simon, ed. Preface by Leonard E. Tyrrell, Francis Martin. Wasgington, Catholic Univ. Udell, Mary Gonzaga, Sister. Doctoral Thesis, Catholic University of America, Vann, Gerald The Aquinas Prescription: St. Morals Makyth Man. London; NY: Longmans, Green, The first part of the book is an elaboration of papers read to the Aquinas societies of London and Leicester.

On Being Human: St. Thomas and Mr. Aldous Huxley. Velde, Rudi A. Participation and Substantiality in Thomas Aquinas. Leiden; NY: E. Brill, Revised from the Dutch with the help of Anthony P. Doctoral thesis, University of Notre Dame. Verhelst, eds. Aquinas and Problems of His Time. Louvain: Belgium: Leuven University Press, Vieillard-Baron, Jean-Louis, ed.

De saint Thomas a Hegel.


Paris: Presses universitaires de France, Vitoria, Francisco de ? Vos, Arvin. Eerdmans Pub. Waddell, Michael M. Wadell, Paul J. Friends of God: Virtues and Gifts in Aquinas. Mann , Augustine's Psychology , by O. P Joseph Torchia , Jenkins , Matthew R. Victor's De Sacramentis , by Peter S. Dillard , Todd C. Ann Matter and Lesley Smith , Albert Marie Surmanski O.

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St. Thomas Aquinas

Bartuschat and A. Robiglio, eds. Speer et al. Alfieri , Zita V.

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Issue 2 Alice Hutton Sharp. Religious Studies , 52 4 ipy Issue 1 Lindsay K. Cleveland and W. Issue 2 Donald J.