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Figures and Tables from this paper. Figures and Tables.

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Citations Publications citing this paper. Exact algorithms for determinantal varieties and semidefinite programming. References Publications referenced by this paper. Barvinok , Isabella Novik. Lasserre , Monique Laurent , Philipp Rostalski. Real Solutions to systems of equations. A survey on geometric aspects of this subject.

Algorithms for real algebra via semi-definite programming. Real algebraic geometry in applications.

Real flexible J -holomorphic curves. A birational model of moduli of genus 4 curves using stable log surfaces Changho Han Harvard University, USA Ever since the discovery of Deligne and Mumford, people considered many different ways to compactify moduli of curves.


Vast majority of the known modular constructions rely on imposing singularity conditions on curves, which were shown to fit into Hassett and Keel's minimal model program on the DM compactification. Instead, I will instead showcase a birational moduli of genus four covers by degenerating a pair of canonical genus 4 curves and a unique quadric surface containing it, inspired by the work of Hassett.

Then I will explain the geometry of this moduli space and state conjectures about relations to Hassett-Keel program. This is a joint work in with Anand Deopurkar.

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I will also discuss sufficient conditions for the two decompositions to coincide. This is a work in progress with Alex Massarenti and Antonio Laface. Characterizing the gonality of two-component stable curves of compact type Frederico Sercio UFF, Brazil It is a well-known result that a stable curve of compact type with two components is hyperelliptic if and only if both components are hyperelliptic and the point of intersection is a Weierstrass point for each of them.

UCLA Math Distinguished Lecture Series: Manjul Bhargava, May 21, 2015

We generalize this characterization for higher gonality with the use of admissible covers. This is a joint work with Juliana Coelho. We show that under certain conditions there exists a monad whose cohomology sheaf is simple. We furthermore characterise low-rank vector bundles that are the cohomology sheaf of some monad as above.

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Multiplication Maps of sections and higher rank Brill-Noether Theory Naizhen Zhang Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium We discuss our recent progress on higher rank Brill-Noether Theory through the lens of multiplication maps of sections of line bundles on smooth curves. Accomodation The organization has a special deal with the Hotel Dan Inn Cambui, which is located in the Cambui neighbourhood downtown Campinas.

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