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More importantly… now that GD supporters are faced with the harsh reality their party is being crushed… will the moderate s within it i. Will they swing their political support behind the moderate right so together we can work on trying to protect the Greek people from those trying to extinguish us? This is something the moderate left also has to ask as well.

What means more to you? Your identity or your ideology? Just as we have crushed far right Golden Dawn, if we want hellenism to survive we must also turn our attention to crushing communist extremism and ideology incompatible with Hellenism. Only with a united voice of moderation do the Greek people have any chance of saving our country.

We have all made mistakes. We need to find what works not simply stubbornly narrate what we think should have worked work.

What is the future of Greece's neo-fascist Golden Dawn? | | Al Jazeera

As Aristotle said, observe. You say Golden Dawn are now criminals?

What about arresting them? May I see a copy of this comment, as well as a link? White Nationalists are about preservation; and just wish for their people White Europeans to be left alone to govern their own nations; and not be subjected to mass-immigration or have their identity and cultures undermined through Marxist critical theory.

So making up words is only for left-wing loons? Just using exactly the argument used against me by people like you. If you have nothing to add but calling people names, can you go somewhere else? The far-right, Nazi Golden Dawn have nothing but a mind full of hate and they constantly commit crimes. Syriza is not like that at all and anarchist have no political structure to target. He hated people for their race and you can not help your race.


If Hitler had more time then he would have killed billions and way more than Stalin. This is why I hate modern-day Nazis more than modern-day Communist. It was on a YouTube video. You must have seen this kind of comment. Two polls this week showed support had fallen to as low as 6. MRB poll: ND Alco poll: ND RAss poll: ND Metron Analysis poll: Syriza Golden Dawn came 2nd with Please note that out of all the polls last year tromaktiko was the most accurate with their poll results coming very close to the actual percentages scored by Golden Dawn in the elections!

More non greeks support golden dawn then greeks do look at all these americans and northern europeans on this website proclaiming their support for this greek nationalist party thinking tthat theyre fighting for white nationalism..

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You can write any numbers you like but as a political party you are finished and your demise is long overdue. I was asking if YOU find it funny or clever. This comes at a time when hate crimes are back on the rise, with such crimes motivated by race, national origin or skin colour nearly tripling last year when compared with While Golden Dawn has never had a monopoly on far-right violence and racist vigilantism, there is no doubt that it tilled the soil for others who wanted to carry out attacks. With the trial is expected to conclude this year, some are fearful that Golden Dawn may be let off with the hook.

Having been attacked by Golden Dawn members in the past, he told me recently: "If I'm honest, I'm not so hopeful Golden Dawn will be [found guilty].

Golden Dawn’s ‘nationalist solution’: explaining the rise of the far-right in Greece

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Toggle navigation. What is the future of Greece's neo-fascist Golden Dawn? The Far Right Europe Greece. Have your say. Give us feedback.

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Sign up for our Newsletter. A horrible euphemism for "please come here, beat the immigrants and make them leave our neighbourhood". Where will this end? How far will a rising Golden Dawn with ties with the police and military go before Greece becomes a totalitarian military state? There is no easy answer to this — I don't think this downward spiral can be stopped without an external intervention. The current state of the Greek political scene is such that it requires coalitions. Since leftist Syriza and communist KKE refuse to form a government with either of the two ruling parties whose power has been significantly reduced, the only solution for the two mainstream parties is to look to the extreme right.

Racist attacks rise in Greece as landmark neo-Nazi trial enters fifth year

As the two governing parties continue implementing the troika-prescribed austerity policies, they will keep getting increasingly unpopular. Eventually, they will have no option than to form a coalition that involves Golden Dawn, which has scored highly in opinion polls, rising from 6.

This is where external factors may come in.

Golden Dawn anthem before 30000 man rally Athens 2013

European partners will not be able to ignore the social impact of their economic policies for long. The fascists are winning seats, or masquerading their extremism and joining the mainstream parties, where they have even bigger platforms to spread their racist views.

The next step is Golden Dawn's expansion beyond Greece. Its officials often visit Cyprus and give talks to its sister party, the far-right Elam , which, thankfully, is nowhere near as popular as Golden Dawn. Like Greece, racist violence is tolerated both by the authorities and by the mainstream political parties. The inability of both the Greek and Cypriot states to curtail the racially motivated violent actions of these groups, as well as the inability of the mainstream political parties to stand up to them, is a call to action for our European partners, who can no longer afford to sit back in their economically recovering countries as if nothing is happening elsewhere.